So the boat is delayed in reaching Texas, and I’m playing email/timezone tag with the guys organising it as they are in the US, I’m in the UK, so the concept of _where_ London is when it gets to the other end is an interesting one…

25th January 2012

The “Heidelberg Express” docks in at Houston, Texas ready to pick up our machine and the transit begins. I’ve had to have the arcade machine ‘crated’ for the journey, so pay out some more cash for that [notice the common theme here] and smile as if I know what I’m talking about.

3rd February 2012

I receive notification from S.H.E Maritime Services in Barking, Essex that the machine has arrived, and so it’s settling of invoices for:

– UK Terminals Documentation Fee (what?)

– Customs Clearance

– UK Import Delivery

– Warehouse Rent

– Deferment Admin Fee

– V.A.T Charges

still it’s here and about to be delivered (*and I’ve managed to not mention a word about it so far which is standing me in good stead)

21st February 2012

A buzz on the office front door and they’ve sent the cabinet, in a van with a lifting tail gate, but with only the driver to help shift it – and as you can tell from the picture below I now know what ‘crating’ is – they entombed the machine in a huge wooden box!

Still with help from the spirited team in the office and a bit of dragging, we manage to wedge the ‘crate’ underneath the office stairs and at least I can go on holiday without getting into too much trouble 🙂

Have you seen the size of that crate?

Dead Zombies Inside