No screen = no picture to play the game on so our next challenge was to find a suitable screen to fit the cabinet.

The size is fairly standard at 19″ and a few chats to the helpful team on UKVAC offered up the following standard 19″ arcade screen on eBay for a nice price of £50.00 + shipping

The screen I got is a Wells-Gardener, whereas the original monitor was a Electrohome GO7, but luckily they are pin-out compatible with each other (Reference: Pinx’s restoration)

19" Wells Gardener monitor - had a kink in the bottom frame bar so had to use a vice to straighten it out...

Philips tube should give a good picture

and here's a close up of the connector - we just need the 6 on the left and ignore the 3 on the right 🙂

So now that the power supply is working (and tested!) let’s give it some power and see what we get….

Defender Monitor Connected - as you can see I had to move the support bar back a bit as this monitor is longer

Life! As you can see from the screen it’s just showing a lot of ‘junk’ at the moment, but the fact that the monitor comes on [as does the marquee at the top] means that the Power Supply Unit is kicking out the right power to make the monitor happy and working.

The screen of junk does (however) indicate that there is some problem with the boards powering the game that need fixing so that’s where to focus our efforts next…

Defender is 'Alive'!

..and finally had the guts to get closer to it while it was powered on 🙂

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