Right – I’ve been making (slow!) progress and cleaned the whole PSU, tested all the fuses and connectivity of their mounts of the circuit board and am ready to re-assemble.

Googling the ‘what I thought was a resistor soldered on the front of the Power filter’ it is a GE V130LA10AD Voltage Dependent Resistor and according to the GE data sheet, it’s only good up to 130VAC so I’ll need a 240VAC one as my discussions with the experts at UKVAC suggests.


After: Power Supply Unit. Take everything off, get toothbrush, borrow hairdryer = looks MUCH nicer


A power filter for, er, filtering the power?

I’m thinking that this Varistor would be a good replacement for the use 130VAC one (this one rated at 275V) and the PowerFilter seems to be rateable for 115/250 VAV so I think I should be able to use that OK [have asked the questions too to double check].

Then last a 240V fuse which is made by ‘Littel Fuse USA’ and says [as far as I can read]

3/3 3AG

5A 250V

which would leave me it is rated at 5Amps up to 250Volts so should be OK [again we’re checking on this one]

I’ll update when we have the answers!